Aaron Zweig

The Issues

If we could’ve solved our problems with our minds, we would’ve been problem-free years ago! Our mind has no access to our negative core beliefs because they’re locked away in prisons within our bodies.  Stress events of our past built them, and they’re anchored in muscle memory. 

The Holding

Muscle creates movement, but it can also prevent it.  We learned to survive childhood pain by gripping our muscles to stop feeling.  We practiced what helped us survive and, as quickly as possible, buried the reason and moved on.  And we continue the pattern.  Just like tying our shoes, once we learned how, we do it without thinking.   Survival clenching shaped our posture with pockets of trapped feelings and childlike wrong beliefs about life, and we can’t even remember how they got there.

The Release

Somatic psychotherapy releases muscle memory and dissolves negative core beliefs.  Working with the body AND the mind at the same time, you can track buried memory to its root and release the energy block holding you back from the life you want.

The Resolution

Somatic psychotherapy can help with anxiety, chronic fatigue and other autoimmune issues, arthritis, low self-esteem, addiction, chronic illness, anger issues, sleep problems, immune deficiency, codependency, poor relationships, lack of motivation, willpower and vitality.